Our Story

Brett Hardin and Faith Marie are The 78's! Using acoustic instruments and loop technology to present a wide variety of covers and original music, The 78's pack small but play big! Featuring acoustic guitar,  bass, melodica, ukulele, kazoos and even a Fisher Price xylophone, these multi-instrumentalists use both vocal and instrument looping to fill the room with sound.  Drawing on the latest pedals and equipment available, their sound continues to evolve.

Brett and Faith met in the spring of 2013 and quickly discovered their mutual love of songwriting. After penning more than 30 songs together in their first year, they segued into performing live. Their desire to be more than a traditional acoustic duo propelled them head first into live looping performance. From their choice of songs to the quirky way they deliver them, The 78's are a unique musical experience. Upbeat, full of smiles and melody, they will capture your ear and your heart.

Visit them on social media and check the schedule for a show near you.